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Ordering Multiple Patches


I will be unable ship orders placed between June 23 to June 29 until June 30. 

I have made some adjustments to the shipping options. Due to major increases in USPS First Class international rates, international customers have the ability to choose non-tracked shipping to bring their cost down. The option for tracked is still available at the new, higher rate. (First class USPS package with tracking to Europe is now $15)

I will still have to manually refund you for combined shipping when you place an order with multple items. 



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Starship Flight test patch

On Thursday, April 20, 2023, the SpaceX Starship full stack made it's maiden flight. Like many flights of this type, the milestones were generous and it achieved several before veering out of control and terminating its flight over the Gulf of Mexico. This patch notes several of the milestones that the test flight did achieve and shows the six Raptor engines that failed along the way. 

The patch is 4" in diameter. Delivery expected mid-May. 


USA/WWNT = USA domestic or World Wide, No Tracking
WW = Worldwide with tracking
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Some people are reporting an error using the Paypal shopping cart. If you are, you can use this >> link << and pay me directly, just mention what patch your are ordering in the notes and include your mailing address! Be sure to use Goods and Services to ensure you have buyer protection in case it gets lost in the mail.