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Ordering Multiple Patches


If you order multiple items, I will combine the items and refund extra shipping when I receive your order. I am working on a better solution. Thank you!


These are a spoof of the Space Shuttle "Mach 25" patches. With Bue Origin and Virgin Galactic now space-faring companies, these patches march their milestones of achieving Mach 3 in their suborbital flights. 

Patches are the same size and color as the originals. 

Delivery is spected the first week of August, 2021. 

These images simulate the embroidered appearahce:

On the heels of the first successful landing of SpaceX's Starship prototype SN15, Retrorocket Emblems is happy to release the design for the SN15 commemorative patch. The style is back to the Supergraphics-influenced design styles of the other SN patches. The patch has the latin phrase "Deinde Luna" which translates to "Then, the moon" which is a way of recognizing that the SN program is now officially working toward landing crews on the Moon as part of the Artemis program. 

There is a hidden hallmark "BB" which is a tribute to a personal friend and fellow aerospace patch collector who passed away suddenly this Spring. 


This patch is a commemorative for the SN11 10k hop that took place on March 30, 2011 at the Boca Chica, Texas facility. Despite the ending, again, significant data was gathered for the Starship program.

The design is stylized like the Spinal Tap knob on their Marshall stack that "goes to 11". 



This patch commemorates the 10km flight of the SN10 starship flight test article. Patch is 4" tall. The patch depicts the SN10 starship launching. 


This patch commemorates the 10km flight of the SN9 starship flight test article. Patch is 4" tall. The patch depicts the SN9 starship test article in flight. 


Price: $17 + $3 worldwide shipping


Now available! Mars Perseverance "Rover Family" cover plate as seen on the rover itself. Also available is the JPL caduceus patch that was included as a tribute to the dedication and sacrefice of Covid-19 workers. These replica plates are made of durable polystyrene with stainless steel  details and are 8" wide. Own your own small piece of the Perseverance rover. 

Now Available: Robotic Arm Plates

These plates are 20" long and can be found on the robotic arm segments of Perseverance. There are two designs available, "PERSEVERANCE" and "MARS 2020'. 

Products not endorsed or sponsored by NASA or JPL.

Because each plate is hand made to order, please allow for 5-7 days after placing your order for a shipping confirmation. 


SOLD OUT, LIMITED TO TEN ONLY: This is the "Explore as One" plate, which features a full set of mounting hardware. The three chips that contain the engraved names of 10M virtual explorers is emulated with real silicon wafers. 


Coming soon!

I have secured permission from NASA to use the Meatball logo, butI am working on securing permission to use the "JPL" logo from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, but i will make the NASA logo and USA Flag plates available for sale soon. 

Now in stock:  Our exclusive Three Missions - One Month commemorative patch. The patch celebrates the February 2021 arrival of three spacecraft from three nations to the red planet: United Arab Emirates Hope probe, China's Tianwen-1 orbiter and rover and the USA's Perseverance rover. 

The patch is 4" tall and features all three nation's spacecraft around Mars. 


Price is $15 per patch, $25 for two, $3 worldwide shipping


The SpaceX Raptor engine has powered the SN5, SN8 and SN8 flight tests at Boca Chica, Texas. This patch commeorates the rocket engine in a style that mimics the paddock signs of Jurassic Park. Patch is 4" tall and made of PVC. 

This patch commemorates the first 12.5km  hop of the SN8 flight test article. Patch is 4" wide. The patch depicts an altimieter that shows the final altitude achieved along side a bottom view of the SN8 vehicle showing the three Raptor engines that powered its flight. The "RUD" was added tot he design at the culmination of the largely successful test. 

Price: $17 + $3 worldwide shipping


This patch commemorates the first 150M hop of the SN5 flight test article. Patch is 4" wide on the diagonal. 

Price: $17 + $3 Worldwide shipping


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