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Ordering Multiple Patches


I have made some adjustments to the shipping options. Due to major increases in USPS First Class international rates, international customers have the ability to choose non-tracked shipping to bring their cost down. The option for tracked is still available at the new, higher rate. 

I will still have to manually refund you for combined shipping when you place an order with multple items. 


Retrorocket Emblems continues to expand into 3D printing aerospace models for enthisiasts. The latest addition are these Space Shuttle and SLS Solid Rocket motors in cutaway form to show the internal structures of these powerful rockets. You can purchase either a Space Shuttle SRB on a stand or a display that compares both the Space Shuttle SRB with the extended SLS SRB on a stand. These are 1/60th scale.  Please allow for up to two weeks of time for building these custom models. 

Because this is a 3D print that has been assembled and glued, there will be some minor imperfections that are a part of the process.

Please inquire for international shipping rates. 


On March 23, 2022, the crew of the SpaceX Crew-4 mission announced the name of Crew Dragon C212: "Freedom". This patch is designed to commemorate the spacecraft with the internationally recognized symbol of freedom: the Statue of Liberty. The patch will be 5" in height to complement our other Crew Dragon patches. 

Please note: I have updated the shopping cart mechanism to provide two options for interntional shipping. If you are an international customer and select "USA/WWNT", "WWNT" means "world wide, no tracking", so the patch will be mailed in a plain envelope but not have tracking. If you wish to have the peace of mind of tracking, use the "WW" option to cover the higher cost of tracked shipping that is now the new pricing from the USPS. 

This is a highly detailed cutaway model of the Hubble Space Telescope showing the internal structure of the optical assembly, payload experiments and supports. Telescope scale is 1/60 and the telescope is 8.5" long (21.6cm). It will take approximately a week to prepare. 

Retrorocket Emblems is now offering replica models of the vintage Douglas Aircraft contractor models of their S-IVB stage and cowlings on transporter/carriers. The original contractor models are extremely rare and only come up for auction every few years. Retrorocket Emblems has recreated a tribute to these originals in 1/80th scale using custom 3D printed components. These replicas are not identical, but are tributes to the original using more detailed components, but retain coloration of the originals. 

Each model is 3D printed in full color and take about a week to produce. 


Retrorocket Emblems is excited to announce custom Saturn V rocket engine displays at 1/80th scale. These are full-color 3D-printed renditions of each stage's rocket motors from the mighty F-1s to the SPS on the Service Module. Each is meticulouly printed and assembled int he same scale and mounted for diplay in a wood and glass case for 270 degree display. The back displays an informative graphic. 

These model take about three weeks to produce and will be built on request. 

Everyone breathed their first sign of relief as the Ariane 5 carrying the JSWT parted the skies over South America this morning! So far, so good! Retrorocket Emblems is delighted to make their JWST tribute patch available for pre-order. The patch is 6 inches wide and about 3 inches tall.

This patch will be limited to 50 pieces so once they're gone, they're gone!


The SpaceX Crew-3 mission will be using the Crew Dragon Endurance on its maiden voyage to the ISS. The Endurance is named after Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic exploration vessel Endurance. This patch is 5" wide and celebrates the heritage of exploration around the Endurance name. The patch artwork may vary slightly from this artwork due to limitations of embroidery. The patch is a 5" patch to complement the Crew Dragon Endeavour and Crew Dragon Resilience patches I produced earlier. 

Now that the first all-civilian Inspiration4 crew has returned to Earth, Retrorocket Emblems is releasing a patch to comemmorate the Crew Dragon Resilience that carried them safely to space and back again. The world was amazed by the view from the largest window ever used in space, the SpaceX Cupola that was fitted to the spacecraft for this flight. 

The patch is 5 inches in diameter, to compliment our Dragonship Endeavour patch. 

Thanks to the pre-order supporters, $100 was donated in their name to St. Judes to aid in their battle against childhood cancer. 


Now availabe, a replica of the Mach 25 Crew Dragon patch as worn by SpaceX and NASA Astronauts after their flights. The original A-B Emblem version was extremely hard to find. 



Spaceflight is full of ups and downs, thankfully, 99% of the time it's definitely the ups that reign! This week it was announced that Boeing's OFT-2 would be returned to the factory for more rework. I thought it might be time to throw a little humor at the program. 
The patch is designed to compliment the other patches in this series from Boeing. Patch is 135mm x 90mm.




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