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Ordering Multiple Patches

You will notice that this site does not have a traditional cart. If you order multiple items, each item is a separate Paypal transaction, however, if you order multiple items, I will refund the extra shipping when I receive your order. I am working on a better solution. Thank you!



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mars mars2020 perseverence

I am opening up pre-orders for our Mars - Three Missions - One Month commemorative patch. The patch celebrates the February 2021 arrival of three spacecraft from three nations to the red planet: United Arab Emirates Hope probe, China's Tianwen-1 orbiter and rover and the USA's Perseverance rover. 

The patch is 4" tall and features all three nation's spacecraft around Mars. 

Delivery expected mid-March 2021. 

Updated (Feb 19, 2021):

Patches have been ordered, review process for embroidery process has begun. 



Pre-order pricing is $15 per patch, $25 for two:


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