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Ordering Multiple Patches


If you order multiple items, I will combine the items and refund extra shipping when I receive your order. I am working on a better solution. Thank you!


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mars mars2020 perseverence covid-19

Now available! Mars Perseverance "Rover Family" cover plate as seen on the rover itself. Also available is the JPL caduceus patch that was included as a tribute to the dedication and sacrefice of Covid-19 workers. These replica plates are made of durable polystyrene with stainless steel  details and are 8" wide. Own your own small piece of the Perseverance rover. 

Now Available: Robotic Arm Plates

These plates are 20" long and can be found on the robotic arm segments of Perseverance. There are two designs available, "PERSEVERANCE" and "MARS 2020'. 

Products not endorsed or sponsored by NASA or JPL.

Because each plate is hand made to order, please allow for 5-7 days after placing your order for a shipping confirmation. 


SOLD OUT, LIMITED TO TEN ONLY: This is the "Explore as One" plate, which features a full set of mounting hardware. The three chips that contain the engraved names of 10M virtual explorers is emulated with real silicon wafers. 


Coming soon!

I have secured permission from NASA to use the Meatball logo, butI am working on securing permission to use the "JPL" logo from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, but i will make the NASA logo and USA Flag plates available for sale soon. 

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