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I will be unable to ship orders placed between July 20-July 28 until July 29.

I have made some adjustments to the shipping options. Due to major increases in USPS First Class international rates, international customers have the ability to choose non-tracked shipping to bring their cost down. The option for tracked is still available at the new, higher rate. (First class USPS package with tracking to Europe is now $15)

I will still have to manually refund you for combined shipping when you place an order with multple items. 



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This patch is currently unavailable as the design was not as accurate as intended. A replacement patch will be available for sale in August 2024.


The original version of this patch was a spotted at auction on an orange flight suit once worn by a NASA "Vomit Comet" crew member. The KC-135 was used to simulate weightlessness for brief times for training purposes by climbing and diving on its flight path. The aircraft got its nickname from the common side-effect of these climbs and dives: air sickness. The patch depicts a pooch who is turning green and holding in his vomit whold holding a barf bag. The KC-135 is seen flying behind on it's sinusoidal flight path.

The patch is 4" in diameter. 


NASA's Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA)  airborne observatory concludes 12 years of dedicated service in October 2022. This specially-modified Boeing 747SP flies above most of the Earth's water vapor to enable infrared telescope observatons. It has provided a platform for hundreds of observation experiments as well as a tool for STEM outreach to educators. Unlike ground-based observatories, SOFIA has the ability to fly between the north and south hemispheres to maximize night-time observation times during their respective winters. 

The airframe that NASA modified for this project had a former life as Pan American World Airlines' "Clipper Lindbergh" (and still bears this name on her fuselage). 

This patch commemorates her 45 years of service as a passenger and science platform for both Pan Am and NASA and her dedication to Charles Lindbergh's contribution to aerospace history. 

This patch is 4" high (about 7" wide). 

If you purchase today, your order will be fulfilled in mid-to-late Febrary 2023. I am ordering a new batch that will have to be manufactured and there is a bit of lead time.


USA/WWNT = USA domestic or World Wide, No Tracking

WW = Worldwide with tracking
Prices below include shipping. 

I have been fortunate and delighted to design a series of patches for NASA's flyign telescope SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy).

I put together the unofficial NASA Social insignia for the November 2015 NASA Social that featured the OLYMPEX satellite callibration project. The OLYMPEX project used several NASA flying assets and other airborne sensing platforms as tools to calibrate the GPM precipitation monitoring satellites over the Olympic mountains. The Olympics being an deal candidate for testing with it's copious amounts of rain and complex terrain. 

NASA does not endorse this insignia, however the attendees were able to buy it on T-shirts at or as am embroidered patch as their own memento. 


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