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I am on vacation from Sept 24, 2020 to October 12, 2020, so I will not be able to mail your order until I return. 

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Kickstarter Two Is a Success!

A big thank you to all of the backers to made the second Kickstarter campaign a huge success. The See-Bassett commemorative patch will be made! The campaign raised almost twice the original funding goal so I added a stretch goal for a second patch to be made. It seems only fair to use the extra funds for more creative work and the stretch goal was funded within a few days. I let the backers and collectors vote on which patch they would like to see included. 

The votes were overwhelmingly in support of a Deke Slayton Delta 7 fantasy patch to complement the Eagle One Aerospace Mercury artwork patch series. The second place votes supported a Pegasus Satellite patch. 

I've decided that, despite the votes for a Delta 7 issue, that the patch that will be produced with the See-Bassett patch is the Pegasus Satellite patch. I am going to see how receptive collectors will be to a Delta 7 / Freedom 7-II Kickstarter in a few months. It seems only natural to pair the two patches that are designed to complement an existing set.